NORTH KOREA Successfully Produces Its First Ever Nuclear Warheads

North Korea has successfully produced its first nuclear warhead that is able to fit inside its missiles, Us intelligence officials have confirmed.

An unnamed official has now revealed that the Us believes Pyongyang has made a terrifying breakthrough its defiant bid to become a nuclear state despite sanctions imposed by the UN.

Analysts have suspected for a long time that North Korea would eventually produce a device small enough to fit on a missile, but this is the first time government document have acknowledged the technology.

The Express reports: The intelligence community “assesses North Korea has produced nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery, to include delivery by ICBM-class missiles,” a portion of the assessment read.

The US now believed Kim Jong-un controls up to 60 nuclear weapons and represents an ever-increasing threat to global security.Images depict how tensions have escalated between North Korea and the United States. Kim Jong-Un boasted of North Korea’s ability to strike any target in the US after a second ICBM test that weapons experts said on July 29 could even bring New York into range – in a potent challenge to President Donald Trump
Officials at the agency would not comment Tuesday. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence could not immediately be reached for comment.Earlier today Japan warned that North Korea could be ready to start a nuclear war at any moment.The country released its annual defence report, in which it admitted concerns about North Korea’s nuclear program.

They said Kim could already be capable of launching a nuclear attack, with mystery surrounding the exact sophistication of the rogue state.

Article Credits: Neon Nettle

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