Saudi Police Arrest 14-Year-Old Boy for Dancing the Macarena

Saudi police announce arrest on Tuesday after year-old video of boy dancing the Macarena is shared on social media.

(MEE) — Saudi police announced on Tuesday that they had arrested a 14-year-old boy who appeared in a viral video dancing on a main road in Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah.

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Police spokesman colonel Ati bin Atiya al-Qarshi said that the “accused” had been arrested, after relevant evidence had been gathered, and “confidential investigations” had been completed.

The video appears to show the boy doing the Macarena, a mid-1990s dance phenomenon, while standing in front of a row of cars on a crossing on Riyadh’s Prince Mohamed bin Abdulaziz Road.

The boy is seen dancing in the middle of a four-lane road, and appearing to stop traffic.

The video first appeared online in 2016, but was later removed.

Social media users had taken the video, which resurfaced on social media last week, in good humour.

As the news of his arrest was revealed, users expressed their surprise:

Earlier this month, a Saudi entertainer was arrested by Saudi authorities for ‘dabbing’, a popular dance move, at a concert in the country’s western city of Taif.

By MEE staff / Middle East Eye

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